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New Year Special 29-Dec
Scale the highest peaks of eastern ghats | htc      >> General
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From : 05:21 AM    To : 05:21 AM
Araku Valley, Borracaves, Visakhapatnam
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Srikanth, Venkee
(M) 9866502095, 91 7396719454
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Event Description
New Year SPECIAL : Scale the highest peaks of eastern ghats.

Where : Araku Valley Area
Difficulty level : Easy to Medium Duration : 3 days(Start Friday night and back by Tuesday Morning. )
Objective : Reach the 1st and 2nd Highest Peaks of AP and Another Peak
Cost : Rs 3750/- approx. ball park figure per head which includes transport /stay(Tents.schools.temples) /expertise /supervision/ (Food and water Excluded..)

Whats is Special :
6 years back(2011 APRIL) Venkee (Founder - HTC) was leading the teams which conquered the highest peak Jindhagada and 2nd highest peak Barajolla which are unexplored by then. Later it got became one of the trekkers paradise in eastern ghats.

For More Details :

About Place : Jindhagada : 20 kms distance from ARAKU. Explored by me.

Barejolla : This peak located near Sunkarametta on the way to ARAKU.

Day 0 - Friday 18:00 Board train from Secundarabd to Vizag

Day 1 - Saturday 08:00 Reach Vizag, fresh-up in station, 08:40 Board bus / train to Araku, 14:00 Reach Barejolla trek start point, 18:00 Reach Barejolla base village, fun time, enjoy nature, 21:00 Finish dinner, sleep telling stories.

Day 2 - Sunday 05:00 Wake up call, 05:30 Start trek to Barejolla peak, 16:00 Reach base village back and start descending to the Barejolla start point, 18:00 Board bus / auto to Araku (12km), 19:00 Pack food in Araku and start to the Jindhagada base village, 21:00 Reach base village of the Jindhagada, fun time and sleep.

Day 3 - Monday 05:00 Wake up call, 05:30 Start trek to Jindhagada peak, 12:00 Reach base village, and start to Chaparai falls, 12:30 Spend some time, have Bamboo Chicken, and start to Araku, 13:00 Have lunch in Araku, board bus to reach Vizag, 17:00 Reach Vizag, R. K. Beach sight seeing, 20:00 Board Train from Vizag to Secundarabad

Day 4 - Tuesday 08:00 Reach Secundarabad station, say BYE - BYE. (Tentative iterinary, expect slight variance because of known reasons like climate etc.)

Damages .. Damages: (Rs 3350/-) approx. ball park figure per head which includes transport /stay /expertise /supervision/ (Food and water Excluded..)
(Please don't make payments if you are not sure about attending)

Refund policy: 48 Hours Before :If we find replacement refund will be there.(20% will be deducted towards club) No Refund if there is No replacement in any case and replacement is not club's responsibility. we will try for replacement.

48 Hours -0 Hours : No Refund will be offered.No matter whether its replaced or not.
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New Year Special
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