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Their plight moves this doctor 31-Jul-2017
Krishna Murthy has been serving in Uddanam for the past 25 years The apathetic attitude of the successive governments in addressing the Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) problem of the fertile Uddanam region of Srikakulam district moved a doctor, who has been serving the affected people in that region for the past 25 years along with his colleague. Krishna Murthy, an anaesthetist, and his colleague Shivaji, a gynaecologist, have been serving in the region since 1992 and are touched by the plight of the people “We are both disciples of T. Ravi Raju, noted nephrologist and present Vice-Chancellor of Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences. We have started practising in Sompeta in 1992. During our early career, we found that the incidence of anaemia was more in Uddanam region. There were no testing facilities for blood sugar levels and creatinine in Uddanam at that time.” “We pondered over the issue and suspected kidney problem.
‘Wished to see Modi 31-Jul-2017
‘Wished to see Modi getting another term’. Venkaiah Naidu rejects charges of favouritism NDA vice-presidential nominee M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday said he wished to see Narendra Modi getting another term as Prime Minister before he quit active politics. “His plans do not come to an end with GST and demonetisation. His is not a populist agenda but one that would benefit the people and help the poor, ending economic inequalities,” he said addressing an “Atmeeya Abhinandana” at a resort here. “My selection as a party nominee for the Vice-President’s post was unanimous, and I could not refuse as it considered representation to top posts from geographical and social angles too,” he said. He had planned to retire after the next elections and take up voluntary service, he said. Responding to allegations, Mr. Venkaiah Naidu said he never interfered in his son’s business affairs and he was not a member of the Swarna Bharathi Trust. His daughter was into social work and the trust was doing amazing work, he said. Tracing his leadership to the culture of RSS, he recalled how his days as student leader of ABVP in Visakhapatnam made a lot of difference to his life. He won the student union election of Andhra University, led the “Jai Andhra” movement in which he could learn a great deal from leaders like Tenneti Viswanadham and Gouthu Latchanna. MP and A P BJP President K Haribabu, noted actor and writer Gollapudi Maruti Rao, party senior leader P V Chalapathi Rao, GI...
solve chronic kidney disease woes 31-Jul-2017
More research can solve chronic kidney disease woes. ​Visakhapatnam: Eminent doctors and scientists have come forward to share their knowledge and expertise in setting up a world-class nephrology research institute in Uddanam of Srikakulam district, to identify the root cause of the chronic kidney disease and to find holistic medical solutions. The professors of Nephrology department and scientists of various department related to the issue opined that CKD is not only the problem of Uddanam as people in several countries are also suffering with it. The medical fraternity opined that in-depth research should immediately be taken up and experts should exchange their knowledge to find out a solution to the global issue. With the initiation of president of Jana Sena Party and cine hero Pawan Kalyan, the IT wing of the party organised a symposium on Uddanam Chronic Kidney Disease in the city on Sunday. Chief of Nephrology Department, Harvard Medical School, Boston, US Joseph V Bonventre and Research Faculty in Renal Division and Co-Director of Biomakers Laboratory, Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA Venkata Sabbisetti, Vice Chancellor, NTR Health University AP T Ravi Raju, Principal Andhra Medical College PV Sudhakar, Superintendent, KGH L Arjun and senior doctors including Durga Rao, Krishna Murty, Dakshina Murthy, Chandra Sankuratri and Krishna Murthy and Head of the Department of Zoology, Andhra University DE Babu were present in the symposium. Joseph V Bonve...
Tollywood on Vizag shoot? 31-Jul-2017
Visakhapatnam: With the drug enforcement authorities knocking at the doors of famous film personalities, some seniors planning to move out of Hyderabad and make films in Visakhapatnam, at least temporarily. Due to the ongoing investigation and questioning of film personalities related to drug abuse and smuggling, a tense situation has been created in Hyderabad, which was being shown glaringly in the media. After the bifurcation of the state, several producers mooted the idea of making films in Visakhapatnam, which has picturesque locations all around the city and in agency villages like Araku Valley and Lambasinghi. It is also believed that films made in Vizag seldom flopped. Even Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu appealed to the producers to make movies in Visakhapatnam and hinted at giving subsidies.
Don’t get carried away by YSRCP’s 28-Jul-2017
‘Don’t get carried away by YSRCP’s divisive campaign’. Helping the poor, irrespective of caste, is my goal, says Naidu Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday warned people against the Opposition YSR Congress Party’ designs of dividing them along caste lines. Addressing a meeting after giving away 21,225 pattas at Pragati Maidan at the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Mr. Naidu said though the Congress had promised reservation to the Kapus in 2004 and Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy returned to power in 2009, it did not deliver on the promises. The land was valued at Rs. 3,606 crore. The leaders who did not speak then were now igniting passions, though he had promised reservations and appointed the Majunatha Commission, the Chief Minister said. Helping the poor irrespective of caste was his goal, he asserted. He cited the Tuni incidents and the ruckus after a bus accident near Vijayawada as reflecting the Opposition designs. However, Mr. Naidu did not directly refer to the standoff over the padayatra of Mudragada Padmanabham on reservations for the Kapus as promised by the TDP in its manifesto. Cases withdrawn Citing the proceedings in the Rajya Sabha on the Polavaram project, he said the Opposition was afraid that it would have no future if the Polavaram project was completed and was raking up other issues. The pattas given away included 5,385 under GO 301 in what is known as the Gajuwaka House committee issue hanging fire for decades and 15,840 as r...
Mangrove restoration projects 28-Jul-2017
Mangrove restoration projects need of the hour, say experts. VISAKHAPATNAM: Industrialisation, pollution, encroachments and other human-related activities are the main causes for degradation and disappearance of mangroves and the need of the hour is to undertake mangrove restoration projects to conserve them, say environmental experts. After recognising the threat faced by mangrove forests in 123 nations, Unesco is promoting the conservation of mangroves. From 2016, Unesco has officially proclaimed July 26 of every year as the 'International Day for Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystem'. In Visakhapatnam, mangroves are found along the estuary channel of Meghadrigedda near the Naval Dockyard extending up to the city airport. Speaking to TOI, GM Narasimha Rao, assistant professor of botany in Andhra University, said, "From 1970 to 1980, mangroves near the Naval Dockyard comprised around 6-8 hectares of land. Unfortunately, the recent surveys show that mangroves are found in small patches comprising 2-3 hectares of land." He also added that many species of mangroves which were found in swamps in the city have disappeared. "There were around 15-20 species of mangroves two decades ago. But now, we hardly find around 5-6 species of mangroves. The rate of degradation is high due to modernisation." JV Ratnam of Paryavarna Margadarsi Vysakhi said, "Mangroves act as barrier and protect coastal regions from tsunamis and cyclones. Since mangrove regions near Meghadrigedda dam a...
Vizag set to turn hub 28-Jul-2017
‘Vizag set to turn hub for blockchain tech’. $1 billion challenge contest soon Special Chief Secretary and IT Adviser to the Chief Minister J.A. Chowdary on Thursday said the State government was keen on developing Visakhapatnam as a hub for blockchain technology, in its bid to overcome challenges posed by reverse globalisation and disruptive technologies. He was addressing a conference on ‘Skill India – the way forward: Challenges and imperatives’ organised by GITAM University. Mr. Chowdary said AP Electronics and IT Agency (APEITA), an autonomous institute formed by the government, had tied up with GITAM University and Broadridge of the United States to introduce job-ready courses in blockchain technology. He said J.C. Bose Institute of Cryptology would set up a centre in Visakhapatnam. Stating that Visakhapatnam was being promoted as a Fintech Valley, he said they would organise a $1 billion blockchain challenge contest in the city sometime in October, to bring companies specialising in blockchain here and the best selected would be provided with the space to start their operations. He said the spectre of jobless growth was haunting the country and therefore the Andhra Pradesh Government was promoting IT technologies, such as blockchain tech, cyber security and analytics to tap huge job potential. Capgemini India CEO Srinivas Kandula complimented the State government for its bold initiative in promoting new age technologies. Skill gap Cal...
Hepatitis B is no cause for alarm, 28-Jul-2017
Hepatitis B is no cause for alarm, says expert. He lists precautions to be taken to avoid the disease Hepatitis B is not a killer virus unlike AIDS but those in the high-risk group should take adequate precautions to avoid the prospect of getting the disease, according to E. Peda Veerraju, gastroenterologist of Pradhama Hospital. “Hepatitis B is a DNA virus which causes hepatitis. The disease is manifested by loss of appetite, jaundice and vomiting. About 5% of patients with acute hepatitis may remain as chronic carriers (HBsAg +ve) throughout their life,” Dr. Peda Veerraju, said on the eve of World Hepatitis Day on Thursday. Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease should get hb vaccine early to avoid contracting the infection. All the family members of HBsAg carriers and health care workers, who deal with blood, should get vaccinated, he said. Many myths “Hb virus cannot be spread by casual contact such as holding hands, sharing eating utensils or drinking glasses just as in the case of AIDS. There are many myths and misconceptions about Hepatitis B even among educated people in society. The first misconception is that it is a killer virus more dangerous than AIDS virus. Though both the diseases can get transmitted through blood or body fluid and Hepatitis B is more readily transmitted than HIV, the similarity ends there.” “A small fraction with acute hepatitis will develop chronic liver disease, which can be treated with medicines. The second misconce...
Metro transit is out. 27-Jul-2017
Metro transit is out. Andhra Pradesh set to Hyperloop in future. CM Shri Chandrababu Naidu has asked officials to study the possibility of introducing high-speed transport system in the capital region of Amaravati. The Capital Region Development Authority is to conduct the study for using Hyperloop One for travel rather than metro transit. The idea is to better the efficiency of transport system in the capital region. The metro rail while in use else where has already got a successor in Hyperloop. Hyperloop is the latest big thing in transport technology. Elon Musk is the brain behind Hyperloop. It is a futuristic metro transit system where magnetically powered capsules travel at high speeds through low-pressure tubes, thereby potentially reducing transport time by more than 80%. Hyperloop One is the company which is delivering the technology. If hyperloop comes to Andhra Pradesh, passengers can expect to travel from Vizag to Amaravati in just 23 minutes. Currently happening – Hyperloop One officials have visited the review meeting conducted by Shri Naidu and have explained the details of the transport system. They have expressed the willingness to pen a Memorandum of Understanding with the state government for setting up a research center and a Hyperloop transport facility in Amaravati. This is a big step for the future and one that is welcome in a time when airways and railways are in dire straits and roadways have miles to go for improvement.
Heli-tourism servce set to take off 27-Jul-2017
Heli-tourism service set to take off in Vijayawada, Tirupati & Vizag. The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department is all set to launch Helicopter services in the state. The agreement for which was signed with New Delhi-based Mak Aerospace and Aviation Pvt Ltd in Vijayawada on Tuesday. The Heli Tourism will be launched soon in Tirupati, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam. The Helicopter services will include joy rides, Heli-taxi services, packaging with wedding plans in Tirupati and aerial reconnaissance and disaster management According to the tourism officials, Heli-tourism is an opportunity for locals and tourists to explore weekend getaways in a convenient method. Initially the helicopters shall be six-seaters and gradually be increased.
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