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Anna Canteen in Visakhapatnam

Posted on 28-Apr-2018

Anna Canteen in V...
Visakhapatnam to soon get its first Anna Canteen.

Similar to Amma canteens in Tamil Nadu, Anna Canteens are planned to be set up in Visakhapatnam and reportedly, the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has identified the sites for the proposed plan. The government is planning to set up at least one Anna canteen in the city by June 2nd.

To set up around 24 canteens, GVMC has identified suitable sites across the city. Andhra Pradesh Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department (MAUD) is in touch with various departments concerned to discuss the land which is needed to set up the canteens. The plot for the Anna canteen near Turner’s Choultry belongs to the Endowment Department and another plot near Government Regional Eye Hospital belongs to the health department.

The government has withdrawn the idea of constructing centralized kitchens which supply food for the canteens and are looking forward to private agencies like Akshayapatra for the kitchens’ construction. They are also planning to appoint a private agency to decide the price and menu of the food items.

The state government had sent a team of commissioners from various civic bodies of AP, including GVMC commissioner M Hari Narayanan to Hyderabad and Chennai to observe how Annapurna and Amma canteens are functioned. The team has noticed that the standard menu and price on an average is Rs 5 for breakfast and Rs 10 for both lunch and dinner. The total cost for three meals a day was Rs 57 and customers pay only 25 while the remaining amount comes under government’s subsidy.The government is planning to set up at least one canteen in the city by June 2nd.

Anna canteen will be set up similar to the likes of Amma canteen in Tamil Nadu which were started by the state’s late Chief Minister Sri Jayalalithaa. The canteens run on a food subsidisation programme and supply food at low prices.
YSRC Deeksha Overshadows Posted on 30-Apr-2018
YSRC Deeksha Overshadows Naidu Meeting. The day-long hunger strike taken up by YSR Congress party leaders in the name of Vanchana Vyatireka Deeksha (Protest against betrayal) at Visakhapatnam on Monday appears to have overshadowed the proposed public meeting of Telugu Desam Party president and chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu at Tirupati. While the deeksha began at 7 am, the media had enough fodder to feed the viewers right from the beginning. Luckily for the YSRC, there are no other major developments in the state and as a result, the media channels had to give extensive coverage to the one-day deeksha of the party leaders, including MPs, MLAs, MLCs and other public representatives. The party managed to mobilize big crowds to the women’s college ground at Visakhapatnam, where the day-long dharna was held. The Deeksha was launched by YSRCP Member of Parliament (MP) Mekapati while the party MPs and MLAs participated in the protest wearing black shirts. For a change, the YSRC leaders took even the BJP to task, even on a low note, but their prime target was obviously the TDP, for betraying the faith of the people by not securing the special category status to AP. YSRC leader Ambati Rambabu found fault with the BJP leaders for spreading false rumors over the special status mentioning that Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Jana Sena Party President Pawan Kalyan assured Special Category Status for AP. “It i

RK Beach turns into a cesspool Posted on 02-May-2018
Visakhapatnam: Although heavy rains on Tuesday brought relief from the scorching sun, it was a nightmare for commuters, visitors, tourists and people living opposite RK beach. Normal life brought to a grinding halt. After heavy downpour in the morning, clouds dotted the sky throughout the day. This was accompanied by steady drizzle. To enjoy the weather, most families and college students ventured out onto the RK Beach Road. However, many of them were disappointed as the entire beach road was covered with garbage, including wine bottles and coconut shells. Drains overflowed in many parts of the city and pedestrians as well as commuters had a tough time in low-lying areas like Poorna Market, Kobarithotta, Reeliveedhi and Convent Junction. J Bhavesh, a college student who went with his family to spend some time on the beach road, said, “The weather changed completely, it was respite from the scorching heat that had been persisting. When we went for a stroll near RK Beach, we could sense a foul smell. The entire stretch was littered with garbage. It was disheartening to see the state of affairs as most of the people tend to throng the RK beach when the weather turns cloudy. We could not breathe fresh air. Foul smell was emanating from the garbage that got carried away with the drain water and was scattered on the road.” Another tourist from Odisha said, “I had a good time when I jogged in the morning. Later, I thought of taking my wife to the beach. However, it was a rude shock

Floating Solar Power Plant project begins in Visakhapatnam. Floating Solar Power Plant in Visakhapatnam: The much-awaited floating solar power plant project in Visakhapatnam would soon turn out to be a reality. The project, which is planned at the Mudasarlova reservoir in the city, had its works begun from Monday. While the authorities have already installed the floating bases/boards in the reservoir, the solar panels are expected to be installed by the end of May. The Mudasarlova reservoir, located in Hanumanthawaka which is bestowing around 1 million gallons of water per day, will also be a bedrock for the floating power plant. The project is an adjunct of the Vizag smart city projects of Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC). We have started to set up the floating bases and solar plants are likely to be placed by the end of this month. The bases will have bed-like structure at the bottom so that when the water dries up, the panels will not get damaged. It may take two months for the completion of the project. Floating solar panels are now gaining a lot of popularity across the world. Their advanced technology is helping the world look at renewable energy in a new light. These solar panels can be deployed in cities to save land space and utilize water bodies such as lakes or reservoirs which they can shade the water thus reducing evaporation. The solar panels will be mounted on top of the floaters which will hover on the water. They are deemed to have highe

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