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Vizag Split Food

Posted on 11-Aug-2017

Vizag Split Food
Vizag railway staff don't cry over spilt food, they scoop it and give it to you.

Railway stations in India aren’t exactly the cleanest places in the country, despite the Swachh Bharat efforts.

Now, a video reportedly from the Visakhapatnam railway station has gone viral after railway canteen vendors were caught on camera repacking food spilt on the platform into containers.

The one-minute video shows three railway vendors sitting on the platform, with several crates of food packets around them. As railway announcements play out, the men don’t cry over the food that they have accidently spilt on the platform ground. Instead, they just scoop up the spilt food and repack it into the containers.

But that’s not all, the railway staff are also caught without plastic gloves, as they handle food meant to be sold and distributed to passengers later.

The video that has been widely shared on social media platforms has left many horrified.

While railway officials told Deccan Chronicle that the licensee of the food stall had been warned, they also claimed that the video clip was old. B Ramamohana Rao of Waltair Railway Division also told DC that a penalty of Rs 8000 had been imposed on the licensee and they had directed them to replace the staff involved in the incident.

The video has surfaced just weeks after the Comptroller Auditor of General (CAG) slammed the Indian railways for selling food that was “unsuitable for human consumption”.

The scathing report observed, “Unpurified water straight from tap was used in preparation of beverages, waste bins were not found covered, not emptied regularly and not washed, food stuff were not covered to protect them from flies, insects and dust, rats and cockroaches were found in trains etc."
Vizag to see a Pride Parade in September and we cannot keep calm. June is celebrated as the pride month all over the world and many cities witnessed their first pride parades. A lot of people took active part in the pride march and community members along with allies made it a big HIT all over the nation. While Vizag couldn’t plan one in the month of June, a pride parade is being organized in the coming September and we are hella exited. Shiva, one of the founder of Nestam {an organization that works for the LGBTQ+ community in Visakhapatnam} said that he is in talks with the community members and allies and a pride parade will soon take place in the third weekend of September. “Three more activities will take place before the pride parade which will work on living conditions of Transgenders and queers. A lot of positive response from the city is already seen is the last few months and more active participation is what we look from the people living in the city”, said Shiva. He added, “The members from the LGBTQ+ community are working hard to make the march a big hit and everybody expects support and active participation from the people living in Visakhapatnam. Everybody is invited for this one of a kind parade in the city also, donations and advices are always welcome”.

Rythu Bazaars in the city to lead Posted on 11-Aug-2017
Rythu Bazaars in the city to lead by example in waste disposal under GVMC.. GVMC is taking the town places. In a recent move to modernize and go green, GVMC tackles the waste disposal. This time at Rythu Bazaars across the city. Creating compost out of waste is a desirable method. Waste disposal which is a major issue at Rythu bazaars can be a major hassle. For example the waste per day from MVP rythu bazaar is 1 tonne per day. Gajuwaka is the current site for implement. GVMC is running a compost unit to process vegetable waste from 15 rythu bazaars in Vizag. This will extend further in future. Once this waste disposal is on the way, the next step would be creating compost. 70 to 100 tonnes of vegetable waste is converted to compost daily. This is useful in encouraging green Vizag, supporting farmers and for sale. Each Rythu bazaar will have an estate officer who would look after waste disposal. He will oversee separation, composting process and management. Segregating waste into separate bins, where from collection is at the end of the day. Post separation, vegetable waste is allowed to decompose for 15 days, After this it is transferred to compost pits. 15 days later earthworms are removed and compost generated. This method shall be explained to farmers and hotels etc later on. GVMC is not the sole stake holder. Each Rythu bazaar is also given the power for waste management. Such models are already in use at Gopalapatnam and MVP Colony. At MVP Colony 200 kg of compost is

Vizag girl conquers Himalayan peak Posted on 11-Aug-2017
10-year-old Vizag girl conquers Himalayan peak of Mt Stok Kangri. A 10-year-old mountaineer from Visakhapatnam, Kaamya Karthikeyan, successfully summited one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas earlier this week, making her one of the youngest people in the world to achieve this feat. Writing for the Times of India, Sulogna Mehta reported that Kaamya completed the expedition three days before she turned 10, on August 7, thereby conquering Mount Stok Kangri. At a height of 6,153 metres (20,187 ft), Stok Kangri is not recommended for beginners, and is considered ideal for advanced trekkers. Speaking to TOI, her father S Karthikeyan said, “We reached the base camp at 5pm after 19 hours of toil. Kaamya walked to the dining tent and picked up a Sudoku book. Even when she reached the summit at 9.45am after 12 hours of walking through the night, her only reaction was, 'It has been a long day'." Kaamya was accompanied by her parents, who also summited the mountain. In May this year, Kaamya had successfully reached the base camp of Mt Everest at 5,464 meters (18,200 feet). That same month, six youngsters from Andhra created history by scaling the Mount Everest, and becoming the first non-Chinese team to open the route in a season. The six people were sponsored by the Andhra Pradesh government, and they hoisted the national flag at the peak once they reached. What was even more heartening was that all the mountaineers who scaled the world's highest peak, were from underprivil

Vizag to host first women Hackathon for smart cities. Visakhapatnam will host the first women Hackathon for smart cities in India on August 19 and 20. Students from Tech Foundation and US Consulate General Hyderabad will be organising the event in collaboration with IBM and Wave Labs. Collaborative governance, improved accessibility to physical infrastructure, eco-friendly solutions for smart city and empowering women are the focus areas of the event. Each team will be supported by a mentor, an industrial expert and corporate professionals will assist the teams and present their work to a panel of judges. Engineering students with computer application background and web technologies knowledge can participate in the hackathon. Last date to apply for the participation is August 12. Registrations can be done at

Plans afoot for state-wide tourism Posted on 12-Aug-2017
Plans afoot for state-wide tourism fest. Amaravati: As a part of promoting culture and tourism, the government is planning tourism festivals across the state, which will commence in the month of September. The fest is likely to start from Dasara and will continue till Sankranti, wherein hundreds of artistes and innumerable programmes are envisaged to attract the tourists as well as locals during holidays and festivals. Highlights: Series of fests planned by government across the state Fest to start from Dasara and last till Sankranti The government has released Rs 65 crore for conducting tourism festival in a big way. Culture and tourism department officials were directed to ensure the success of the fest, which would be held at Amaravati, Anantapur, Rajamahendravaram and Tirupati, covering various events like culture, heritage, sports, crafts melas, music and dance programmes etc. According to Mukesh Kumar Meena, secretary to culture and tourism department, the tourism festival will be conducted in a big way at Capital Amaravati for the first time in the newly-formed state. “Events will be conducted for 19 days, for which the government has released Rs 17 crore,” he informed. “We have commenced tourism festivals across the state basing on the advance preparation of calendar year, which will be very helpful to the tourists, who can make arrangements in advance,” Meena said. Buddhism festival will be conducted for two days, for which the dates have to be decided. Literat

Academic performance of students  Posted on 12-Aug-2017
Academic performance of students needs evaluation. Visakhapatnam: With the active participation of Telugu NRIs, the digital classroom initiative is turning out to be a game changer in the education field in government-run schools. However, the academic performance of the students needs a third party evaluation to help to gauge its true impact. Power fluctuations and poor Internet connectivity are some of the major hiccups for the digital classroom initiative at some places. However, the NRIs that are funding the project are satisfied with the outcome so far. Some are of the opinion that orientation programmes for the teachers on how to use the digital tools would make the teaching process more effective. With a 30:70 fund sharing by the NRIs and the AP government, the electronic de-vices being provided to ea-ch government school are, two computers (Rs 60,000), one projector (Rs 40,000), two UPS or inverters (Rs 40,000), screen kit and installation (Rs 2,000), network provision (Rs 3,000) and one printer (Rs 5,000). The total expenditure amounts to Rs 1,50,000. According to details available on the AP CM’s Dashboard, 1,932 schools have been provided with digital classrooms so far. “We have set a target to extend the facility to 5,000 schools by the 2017-18 fiscal. With the help of the NRIs, Prakasam district will become the first district in the state to have at least one digital classroom in all the high schools,” said Pradeep Karuturi, a co-ordinating member of the AP Jan

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