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Must See Places in Vizag
Vizag, The City of Destiny. The beautiful city that makes anyone visiting the city fall in love with has more reasons than the beach, scenic beauty and other. It’s those amazing local food courts and those yummy Food they serve. Don’t miss to see these places in Vizag!


    Gallery View: Must See Places in Vizag

  • Araku-tribal-museum
  • Matsya
  • Tennetipark
  • Borra_caves
  • Araku
  • Simhachalam-temple4
  • Kailasa_giri
  • Katiki-waterfalls
  • Zoo
  • Beach
  • Tyda
  • Dolphin
  • Bojjana-konda
  • B-kondakarla-ava
  • Vuda-park-vishakapatnam
  • Ananthagiri
  • Rushi
  • Kanaka

Matsyadarshini Aq...
Matsyadarshini Aquarium is a beautiful air-conditioned aquarium located on the shore of Ramakrishna Beach. Housing more than 20 medium and large sized tanks, the aquarium is famous for displaying the fresh water and marine fish and various aquatic animals. Apart from this, the aquarium also exhibits many rare aquatic species, which were bought from distant lands such as Singapore and Malaysia. Tourists can witness varieties of the Long Horn Cow Fish, Surgeon Major, Butterfly Fishes, The Lion Fish, Peacock Wrasse, Stone Fish and Red Squirrel Fish in the aquarium. Apart from this, Trigger Fish, Perch Dusky, Clown Fish, Damsels, Sweet Lip Rabbit Fish, Angels, Electric Ray and Porcupine Fish are the other prominent species in the aquarium. Besides fishes, the aquarium also displays a wide variety of uncommon marine invertebrates. The wide array of invertebrates includes Starfishes in various colours and tentacle anemones including white and orange colours Sea Anemones.



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