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Cheating poor people saying that join in their college all students will get 100% fee reimbursement from AP government. Coz he is having connections with high officials sir and also he is maintaining cheap faculty under qualified to teach the subjects that too he is harassing people for fee (2,70,000) for the course of hotel management in this college. Just look into the matter and Andhra University professionals also supporting this. Hello my dear students i would like to aware about the Alliance College of Hotel Management, Visakhapatnam. It’s a low end local college with no quality of education. College management is thriving on the students they are quite interested in making money rather than the education. Dont make fool of yourself by checking the ratings of the college those ratings are available if you pay money through paid sites. and coming to the tag line of Andhra University affiliation the university is not listed in top 100 universities at all. IF YOU WANT TO STILL PURSUE YOUR CAREER IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT JUST OPT FOR NATIONAL WIDE COLLEGES INSTEAD OF LOCAL LOW END COLLEGES. IF YOU PURSUE your course in ALLIANCE COLLEGE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT , VISAKHAPATNAM. You will end up low end and low profile jobs in local restaurants and food courts. barely you will get not more than INR 8000/- after spending hefty some of INR 2,50,000. So guys WAKE UP.  DON’T GET LURED BY DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS OR FEE REIMBURSEMENTS. YOU WILL GET GOVERNMENT BENEFITS IN THE SAME IN TOP 10 COLLEGES ALSO. COMING TO FACULTY ALL ARE LOW END UN PROFESSIONAL FACULTIES HOW GOT THEIR DEGREES THROUGH DISTANCE EDUCATION YOU WILL EXPERIENCE THE SAME ONCE YOU ENTER THE COLLEGE. ONE FACULTY FROM THE WEBSITE I GOT TO KNOW THAT AFTER COMPLETING MS IN USA AND PURSUING PhD AT THIS AGE I DON’T KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING HERE IN LOCAL COLLEGE. FOR BARELY WORKING FOR PEANUTS. EITHER HE SHOULD BE FRAUDSTER OR HIS CREDENTIALS. MANAGEMENT PRINCIPAL OH..GOD WHAT HE TEACHES GOD ONLY KNOWS… THE OWNER (THE MANAGEMENT CALL HIM AS A DIRECTOR) OF THE SO CALLED ALLIANCE COLLEGE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT. HE JUST RUNNING A GROCERY STORES NOT A COLLEGE. I AM WRITING THE SAME ARTICLE ON MY BLOG…I WILL POST THE LINK SO THAT YOU CAN ASK THE OLD STUDENTS OF THE SAME COLLEGE OF THEIR EXPERIENCES…GOOD LUCK BOYS..AND GIRLS.. all the above comments may get removed by them ..but I will keep on posting and educating about this college for the prospects of students not to become victim of this college… Do you have any quires regarding my post please share your comments: rosykutti@consultanteducation.com

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